Takadanobaba residency

This residency was made possible via a Skills and Arts Development Grant, funded by The Australia Council for the Arts.




Mr Daisuke Masuda an Edo Style Sashimono-shi wood craftsman.

Documentation of my visit to his Sumida studio. It is estimated that there are only about 8 Sashimono-shi left working in Tokyo. He being one of the youngest at the age of 37. Of special note here is Mr Masuda’s selection of hand tools, his traditional Sashimono-shi style woodworking set up on the ground and his finely crafted objects, commissions for the Kabuki theatre.




Kitokuras timber mill, Kagawa

Documentation of my visit to Kitokuras timber mill. Pictured Ms Yukki Kumagai, owner and Mr You Sakaguchi of the Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. The Hinoki forest and milled timbers.



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