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Customer Conversion Journey

Putting app downloads at the forefront of users' minds.

Client: hummpro
My role: Lead UI/UX designer
Industry: Fintech, SME  
Team: Data Analyst, Front-End Developer, Marketing Manager, Creative Director
Deliverables: Website UI, Data Insights, User flows, prototypes, and A/B testing.
Tools: Figma, Elementor, Hotjar
The Project
Based on testing and user flow hypothesis, make app downloads the focal point of the hummpro website.
How I helped
I integrated Branch.io up front on mobile with a clear CTA of 'Get App". Above the fold I prioritised essential value proposition information that tested well. I mixed tech and people-based images and reduced the cognitive load in the how-to-apply sections.

User and Conversion flows

I mapped out and revamped the top-level navigation, simplifying access to content without the need for extensive dropdown menus.
Above the fold, desktop design.
"I prioritised the product's value proposition and a lead with a big QR code upfront on the desktop. I introduced a sticky header with a hero CTA."
Above the fold How it Works page, desktop view.

Reducing vertical scroll and organising information into tabs

Testing showed that containing application information and calls-to-action within tabbed content resulted in a smoother user experience.
The biggest Challenge
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