UI/UX Designer | Visual Designer, available for work.

Design Systems for scale

Client: humm-group
Role: UI Designer, DS Lead
Team: Internal Marketing & Product
The Project
White label and scale humm-group's design system for trans-Tasman products to ensure messaging and design consistency.
How I Helped

Setting Structure and Idenifying the teams needs

I designed critical components for landing pages, in-app campaigns, direct sales emails, and social media templates, enabling our designers to work more efficiently and quickly.

Running retro, testing and iterating the system

I led monthly retrospective workshops that pinpointed pain points and celebrated successes. We brainstormed new ideas, integrating them into our sprint workflow.

The Biggest Challenge

The challenge lay in maintaining the consistency of our design systems while adapting to evolving product features across multiple brands. Through regular audits and retrospectives, our team effectively managed this dynamic.

“Attention to detail is crucial - every pixel and interaction matters when creating seamless experiences.”

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