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Website Redesign

Drive conversions and turn visits into applications.

Client: hummpro
My role: Lead UI/UX designer
Industry: Fintech, SME lending
Team: Creative Director, Project Manager, Copywriter, Digital producer and Front-End Developers
Deliverables: UI Design, Responsive Website & Design system
Tools: Figma, Photoshop, After Effects and Elementor
Mobile & Tablet view of hummpro website
Improve the hummpro website's performance and conversion rates by redesigning it to emphasise the product's value proposition, features, and benefits to streamline app downloads.

Initial brainstorming and level-checking

I helped conduct workshops to gather insights and identify customer journey pain points. This set brief and new website direction.

Research and redefining our customers

Leveraging insights from the Roam Agency and survey data from existing SME owners, the team and I developed Empathy Maps and Personas to guide the redesign process.

Where did we end up?

I overhauled the website with a cleaner layout, a new colour scheme, and imagery of small business owners, focusing on key benefits and streamlined conversion elements like QR codes and clear calls-to-action for improved user engagement and conversion rates.

Design refresh

Above the fold, I highlighted three key benefits, used cards to emphasise the product features, and created an information-rich conversion section.

Breakdown of the process

The research identified user pain points; the team tested the UI and conversion triggers. We then modernised and refreshed the design, guided by a UX framework. This led to a successful and budget-friendly website delivery.
Information Architecture
Concepting and Wireframing
Iterate, test, iterate, test, iterate...
Market ready website

Information Architecture and primary Conversion flows

We simplified the website's navigation and added QR codes and sticky calls-to-action, boosting conversions by 65%.

Wireframing, Prototyping and Iterations

Wireframes structured UX copy and Conversion flows; their integration with a design system streamlined testing and improved team decision-making.

A/B Testing & Data-driven decisions

Utilising Hotjar, we discovered that blending human and tech images increased engagement.

Establishing a UI Design System

I developed a design system that unified the website's brand identity and streamlined iterations and developer handover.
The challenge had two key aspects: firstly, to effectively balance the presentation of product features and conversion opportunities on the limited space of the homepage, and secondly, to guarantee that the final product closely aligned with the original design vision.

"I put the customer at the centre of everything I do. I love to create solutions that truly meet their needs."

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